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Nurse Talking to Patient

Accredited hospitals: Our partners are hospitals in Turkey, which are accredited by the world-renowned organization Joint Commission International (JCI). This is a guarantee of their compliance with the high international standards for quality of medical service.

Highly qualified specialists: Many leading doctors in Turkish hospitals, specialized in oncology, radiology, transplantology and plastic surgery have practiced in Europe and the USA. They are doctors and professors with great experience and expertise in their fields. This guarantees professionalism and high quality of medical services.

Specialized clinics and centers: Turkey has a wide range of specialized clinics and centers that deal with various fields of medicine. Whether it's cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, plastic surgery or other specializations.

Modern technology and innovations: Many hospitals in Turkey stand out for their high level of medical services, especially in areas such as oncological treatment, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, aesthetic and dental surgery, microsurgery, hair transplantation, and plastic surgeries. These hospitals have the necessary resources and infrastructure to guarantee quality and modern treatment.

Fast access to treatment: In many cases, treatment in Turkey can be carried out in a short time, allowing patients to receive the necessary medical care without unnecessary delay.

Affordable prices for medical services in Turkey are one of the major advantages for medical tourism in the country. The comparatively lower costs, which are about 40-50% lower than those in Europe or the US, do not affect the quality of medical care, which remains at a high level.

Availability of medicines - Turkish hospitals offer a wide range of registered medicines. This is especially useful for patients who need specialized or rare medicines for their treatment. Specialists have the opportunity to choose the most suitable medicine for any disease, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient and the disease.

Turkey offers an ideal combination of treatment and relaxation. After the completion of the treatment process, patients can enjoy rest and recovery and take advantage of the tourist benefits that the country offers.

Patients can take advantage of package services and special price offers, which often include organizing travel and hotel accommodation, transfer to the hospital, accommodation for their relatives, a provided translator, assistance in preparing documents in Turkish and other amenities. This makes treatment in Turkey accessible and convenient for patients.

Medical Specialists
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