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Medical Team

 Access to the Best Specialists

Connection with highly-qualified experts in the most prestigious hospitals and clinics in Turkey, who will provide the most accurate treatment for your case.

3D Scans

Modern Equipment and Innovative Technologies

The hospitals we partner with are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment tools, ensuring the high quality of medical services.

Woman Donating Blood

High-Quality Medical Care

We offer you a selection of hospitals and clinics that uphold high standards of medical care and are accredited by globally renowned quality organizations.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

With You Throughout Your Stay

We provide support and assistance during the entire treatment process, ensuring you have peace of mind and comfort at all times.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Process Optimization

We handle the organization of your travel, translation, and documentation, freeing you from administrative worries and allowing you to focus on your health.

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Save Time and Money

By using our services, you'll benefit from faster document processing and quick communication, as well as preferential rates in the hospitals. This can expedite the treatment process and save you money.

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Medical Specialists

El-med partners with prestigious hospitals in the Republic of Turkey, which meet the highest global standards in various fields of medicine. These institutions offer exceptionally high-quality and individualized treatment, specializing in the following key areas:

- Organ Transplantation Centers (kidney, liver, bone marrow, etc.).
- Oncology Centers offering services in oncological surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy.
- Cardiology Centers that cater to both pediatric and adult patients, focusing on cardiology and cardio surgery.
- In-vitro Fertilization Centers specialized in assisting families facing conception difficulties.  
- Orthopedics and Traumatology Centers. The largest one for pediatric orthopedics. Rehabilitation centers.  
- Neurology and Neurosurgery Centers - equipped with gamma knife and beam knife, the latest technology for addressing tumors in the brain and cerebellum that are inoperable.  
- Ophthalmology and Eye Surgery Centers.  
- Urology and Urological Surgery Centers.  
- Endocrinology and Diabetology Centers. Treatment for Type 2 diabetes.  
- Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Centers.  
- Dentistry and Implantology Centers.
- Dermatology Centers.  
- Obesity Surgery Centers. Metabolic surgery, gastric sleeve, and subsequent treatment for patients with excessive weight.
- Hair Transplantation Centers using all methods (sapphire pen, DHI, etc.).
- Robotic Surgery Centers utilizing modern high-tech equipment and robots to ensure precise and efficient surgical procedures. Assisted robotic surgery with the Da Vinci system.

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