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El-Med partners with prestigious hospitals in the Republic of Turkey, which meet the highest global standards in various fields of medicine. These institutions offer exceptionally high-quality and individualized treatment, specializing in the following key areas:

- Organ Transplantation Centers (Kidney, Liver, Bone Marrow, etc.)

- Oncology Centers, providing services in the field of oncological surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy.

- Cardiology Centers, specializing in both pediatric and adult cardiology and cardiovascular surgery.
- In-vitro Fertilization Centers, specialized in assisting families struggling with conception issues.

- Orthopedic and Traumatology Centers, including the largest for pediatric orthopedics. Rehabilitation centers.

- Neurology and Neurosurgery Centers - gamma knife and beam knife, latest generation for breaking down tumors in the brain and cerebellum, which are not operational.

- Ophthalmology and Eye Surgery Centers.

- Urology and Urological Surgery Centers.
- Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Centers, including treatments for heart diseases and conditions.

- Oncology and Hematology Centers, providing comprehensive cancer care including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical treatments.

- Gastroenterology and Hepatology Centers, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases.

- Mental Health and Psychiatry Centers, offering a wide range of services for mental health disorders.

- Obstetrics and Gynecology Centers, providing care for women’s reproductive health and childbirth.

- ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Centers, addressing disorders related to these areas.

- Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centers, helping patients restore and improve their physical abilities.

- Pulmonology and Respiratory Care Centers, dealing with lung and respiratory conditions.

- Allergy and Immunology Centers, diagnosing and treating allergies and immune system diseases.

- Nephrology and Dialysis Centers, providing care for kidney disease and conditions.

- Pediatric Centers, offering comprehensive care for children’s health.

- Rheumatology Centers, treating rheumatic diseases including arthritis and autoimmune diseases.
- Robotic Surgery Centers, using modern high-tech equipment and robots to ensure precise and effective surgical procedures. Da Vinci Robotic Assisted Surgery.

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