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Bone Marrow Transplantation - The Innovative Treatment Method

Bone marrow transplantation is an innovative treatment method, also referred to as hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. This approach is successfully used in patients suffering from various diseases affecting the bone marrow, such as leukemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, lymphomas, multiple myeloma, and aplastic anemia. Additionally, this method is crucial in cases where the bone marrow cannot generate the necessary amount of healthy blood cells.

Unlike conventional surgery, bone marrow transplantation does not involve physically entering the body. Instead, it involves the injection of blood stem cells, which are extracted from the bone marrow or provided through apheresis – a process where blood is passed through a special machine to collect stem cells. These valuable cells are then intravenously transferred to the patient.

The advantages of this method are numerous. Bone marrow transplantation allows patients to receive healthy blood stem cells, which settle in the bone marrow and restore the normal blood system. This is particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from various forms of blood disorders, where the normal function of the bone marrow is compromised. Patients are given a new chance at life and health, as their immune and blood systems are rejuvenated through this method.

The procedure is carried out when conservative treatment methods have not led to sufficient progress or when there's an urgent need to restore a healthy blood system. This method provides a reliable and innovative way to overcome serious blood disorders, improving both the prognosis and the quality of life for patients. If you need additional information or have specific questions, or if you want to inquire about a particular medical intervention, please don't hesitate to contact us via our contact details, which you can find on our website. Our representatives will be delighted to assist you and answer all your questions.

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