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What is the procedure if I want treatment abroad?

We at El-Med are dedicated to you, offering individual attention, tailored programs, and continued follow-up. Your peace of mind and safety are our utmost priority. That's why we value your time and have streamlined the process to provide you with an unmatched experience on your path to recovery.

On the Phone


You connect with us:

Our team holds a consultation with you, we analyze health concerns and gather the necessary medical documents. This is followed by a review and analysis by a specialized team at the hospital in Turkey, and we guide you to specialists and treatment centers for the specific ailments.


We prepare the necessary documents:

The required documents include the latest summary from your previous treatment, all imaging diagnostics, and current examinations. Documents are reviewed in English, Bulgarian, and Turkish languages. We provide assistance for translation and legalization of the documents through our partner company.

Office employee
Office Employees


You receive a response within 48 hours:

You receive offers from several hospitals, and we discuss the treatment plan to help you make a clear and informed choice about your health. After that, based on your preferences, we schedule a date for examination and tests.


Organizing the trip and subsequent care:

We take care of everything - transport, hotel accommodation, internal transfers, and an interpreter. We stay in touch with you even after your return to Bulgaria. We arrange follow-up examinations both in Turkey and at established Bulgarian clinics and medical centers. We guarantee long-lasting results from your treatment.

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