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About Us

Reliable Medical Services in Turkey

Our mission is to assist in finding the right solutions for the treatment of various diseases, by ensuring access to world-class, highly qualified specialists. At El-Med, we offer quality medical care in hospitals and clinics that meet high standards, with modern equipment and innovative technologies. By choosing us, you receive personalized medical care and professional assistance, helping you achieve optimal treatment for your well-being.

For more information or specific inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Filling Prescription

What is the procedure if you want treatment abroad?

Ние ценим Вашето време - ако имате нужда от мнение от различни специалисти,
ние организираме часовете Ви за преглед в рамките на един и същи ден.

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Our team conducts a consultation with you, we analyze health issues, and gather the necessary medical documents. Next, a review and analysis is carried out by a specialized team in a hospital in Turkey, and you are directed to specialists and treatment centers for the specific diseases.


Response within 48 hours

You receive treatment proposals from several hospitals and we discuss a treatment plan so you can make a clear and informed decision about your health. Then, based on your preferences, we schedule a date for examination and tests.


Organizing the journey and subsequent care

We take care of everything - transport, hotel accommodation, domestic transfers, and an interpreter. We stay in touch with you even after your return. We arrange follow-up examinations both in Turkey and in established Bulgarian clinics and medical centers. We guarantee lasting results from your treatment.

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